Recyclever: A Marketing Must-Have for Your Business

Written By Recyclever
May 5, 2020 1:32 PM

Recyclever is a reverse vending machine, designed to encourage recycling by incentivising customers to return drinks containers to stores. It gives them back the deposit they paid at the time of purchase. That would be good enough on its own, but that’s not all Recyclever has to offer. If you are a retailer then Recyclever doesn’t just make environmental sense – It’s a marketing must-have.


Recyclever can be adapted to suit your company – We can wrap the machine in your branding so it doesn’t look out of place in store. If you are a vendor then talk to us about customisation options.

Push offers and discounts:

Recyclever can be set to print out a ticket whenever it receives the drinks containers for recycling. You then take the receipt to the counter and claim back your deposit. At the same time, why not use the ticket to push your latest offers and promotions? For example: you can use it to print out coupons offering freebies or discounts in-store. 

Use it as digital signage or for education:

Among many features, the Recyclever machines boast a 49” digital screen. This is a real asset to retailers allowing numerous possibilities to engage with customers and users of the machine. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Why not use this as an interactive selfie-point with a backdrop of your location? Customers can take a picture of themselves and use your brand hashtag on social media as part of a user-generated content campaign. This shows the world that they are taking part and can be an effective form of social currency among their friends and followers.

  • Use it to display your social media content feed or other people’s social media posts? This way, you’re using social proof to encourage others to get involved.

  • How about using the screen as a channel for educating the public on their recycling efforts and thus demonstrating your green credentials? The screen could display facts and videos about the deposit return scheme and what is going to happen to their bottles.

  • The screen can also be an exciting point of interest for the community, with good news stories or historical facts about the people and the town in which the machine is situated.

  • Finally, if you don’t want to use it for your own marketing, then the Recyclever screen can be used for advertising other companies and attract more revenue for your company. That way, Recyclever can pay for itself.

These are just a handful of ideas – Recyclever can be a flexible and effective marketing tool. If you have any ideas of how you’d like to use your machine to market your business then get in touch.



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