Digital Solutions

Recyclever Reverse Vending machines integrate the latest software solutions with expandable electronics.

The deployments of RVM's across an entire estate of stores requires reliable functionality, analytics and control of the assets. Recyclever's digital solutions allow them all.

Recyclever's Digital Backbone

We designed a powerful and expandable digital infrastructure which is ready to deliver from the outset but also available for further customisation.


Massive Screen

Recyclever's unique huge screen will make the most of your RVM deployment.

Whether it is your company message or the ones of your suppliers, you have the guarantee customers will stand stationary in front of the machine for some time, so the video will be seen.

The content streamed is remotely managed. So you can access Recyclever's screens across your estate at any time and program new and rotating video messages.


Touch Screen

In the area where the consumer interacts with the machine inserting bottles, we added a touch screen.

This will communicate messages around the operation of the machine, to ease the customer journey.

It can be programmed to built on its touch functionality: from choosing a charity to donate to, to ending the session or inputting feedback.

The Complete Solution for a Large Estate

Recyclever understands the complexity of the retail sector operating assets dispersed in the territory.


Powerful Architecture

Every Reverse Vending Machine integrates different software to operate. 

The OS is extremely stable and free from unwanted updates or hackers attacks.

The overall set up is scaled beyond the specific machines' required, so to be future proof.


All your RVMs Accessible

The machines are connected to the internet so they are remotely accessible and manageable.

The connection is either 4G, WiFi, LAN, depending on the clients' choice.

The RVM operates standalone independently, but the connection allows data backup and in turn the full portal functionality.

If the connection break for some time, worry not. The machine stores the data and the information's will be re synchronised at the next possible chance.



Every Recyclever machine communicated with the Cloud Portal which is the backbone of the infrastructure.

The Cloud Portal works for the client as the access point for its estate of RVMs.

Several functionalities are available on the portal: reporting of different types, changing the printed voucher design, uploading videos and much more.



The machine will alert the client when the bin is full, if there is a malfunction like a blockage, and in other cases the client might want to add.

The notification system can be organised differently: it can go to a central location or to a store manager, depending on the clients' choice.



RVMs are deployed to collect huge amount of containers over the years, each one worth a deposit.

The Recyclever Cloud Portal will produce all the reports required by the Retailer and in turn, by the Scheme Administrator.

Customisable Customer Journey

Thanks to our strong and versatile software infrastructure, we can build bespoke customer journeys to make your reverse vending machines more effective.


Voucher Management

Printed vouchers are still the most popular way to give clients a way to redeem their deposit.

The Cloud Portal allows to change the design of the voucher remotely.


Digital Wallet

Recyclever technology is ready to communicate with Digital Wallet so the funds could be credited digitally, without printing a voucher.

This will require some sort of user recognition, either by typing in a username on the touch screen, or more easily, by the machine scanning a QR Code from the customers' Digital Wallet Phone App.


Charity Donation

Recyclever's touch screen makes it easy to work on various options simultaneously.

The consumer journey maybe altered so that upon ending the session, the client is request to choose between redeeming the money or donating to a charity of choice.

The Cloud Portal will then produce regular reports on money owed to each listed charity.


Cards Refunds

Funds can be transferred straight into a clients' debit or credit card.

This will require the integration of our software with a card acquirer of clients' choice.

With returned bottles refund typically being small amount transaction, this may prove too expensive to run, due to cards operations costs.

However, might this be applicable to your project, Recyclever will work on it with you.

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