Recyclever Reverse Vending Machines are perfect for any environment, below are key sectors which can benefit.

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With Governments considering implementing, or having already implemented a Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) retailers are already starting to understand the issue of single use plastic and trying to improve their packaging methods. Investing in a Reverse Vending Machine can help support the cause and make the world a better place for everyone.

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Vending Companies

As business that already provides vending machine and related services why not add a string to your bow and add Reverse Vending solutions to your portfolio? Partner with Recyclever, support your customers in implementing DRS and help the end consumer to responsibly recycle their containers.


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Corporate Brands

With high profile Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), many companies are becoming more aware of the importance of minimising their negative impact on the environment. 

Recyclever® offers corporate businesses the opportunity to support environmental sustainability by offering a responsible way to return empty plastic and aluminium drinks containers for them to be recycled effectively.

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Transport Hubs

Train, bus and tram stations along with airports, ferry ports and rapid transit stations see hundreds of people pass through them every day. This large volume of commuters leads to hundreds of single use plastic bottles and aluminium cans disposed of at these transport hubs.

An ideal opportunity to reduce waste and retain a tidy environment is by installing reverse vending machines, allowing everyone the opportunity to deposit their empty containers responsibly even when they’re on the move.

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Universities and Schools

Education plays a very important part in raising awareness of the environmental issues impacting the future of our planet. 

From teachers imparting knowledge to students learning about waste management and recycling, Schools and Universities can support environmental concerns and help increase recycling and reusing waste products. 

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Venues, Events and Attractions

Large events, venues and attractions all involve large numbers of people attending, all of which are hungry and thirsty customers.

Some organisers are now trying to turn to alternative methods of packaging visitors drinks, but wouldn’t it be easier to just use reverse vending machines to recycle the waste into something new and useful?


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Local Authorities

The UK local authorities are responsible for the provision of an extensive range of services such as education, strategic planning and waste management and therefore have a vested interest in improving recycling for everyone.

With the UK Government supporting return deposit schemes, Recyclever® reverse vending machines offer the ideal solution.

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Facilities Management

As the profession that encompasses multiple disciplines to ensure functionality, comfort, safety and efficiency of the built environment by integrating people, place, process and technology, Facility Management Teams are keen to embrace new innovative methods to deliver positive environmental results.

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When emergencies arise, such as water bursts and utility companies have to step in to provide essential clean water, generally this is offered via large plastic bottles of water.

Offering a method of disposing of the empty containers can reduce the environmental impact whilst raising the profile of a sustainable company image.

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