Without a DRS Scheme

Companies around the world are working on their corporate social responsibilities (CSR) and adopting Reverse Vending Solutions even without a government imposed deposit return scheme.

An RVM without a DRS?

Implementing reverse vending still makes perfect sense even without government schemes.

Everyone of us has the responsibility of understanding what can be done to increase recycling and to reduce waste and our impact on the planet.

Below are just some reasons to deploy reverse vending machines without or prior to deposit return scheme legislation.

Reverse Vending Machines are Largely Used Without or Before a DRS

Evaluate these as some of the possibilities


Use our massive screen to stream advertising; especially during the returning process there is a strong engagement


Vouchers can be issued to provide discount on certain products on sale. This would not involve a cost to the business but instead could provide incentive for the customer to purchase. 


As with a DRS, reward consumers returning containers with a small monetary amount.  This will incentivise the customer to return and help build a stores customer base.


A Reverse Vending Machine is a perfect device to build customer engagement for all the right reasons.

A grocery retailer can welcome clients at the entrance of the store with an RVM, even if the empty containers are not worth a deposit.

Some retailers are rewarding clients with a lower amount per bottle, like 1p / 1c. This has proven to increase customer engagement and repeat visits.

Even if a consumer turns up with a drink purchased elsewhere... does this matter? surely every business wants to attract new clients?

Involving beverage companies with the implementation of RVM systems can be beneficial. Incentives from their side to fund these projects include: positive press and massive advertising potential using our screen!

Beverage Brands

The beverage industry is in the spotlight: with images of branded bottles stranded on beaches undoubtedly harms their reputation.

No one wants that happening, and Reverse Vending can certainly help.

At a fraction of the cost of a TV ad campaign, reverse vending machines would improve the credentials of beverage brands, increase recycling, engage with consumers and represent a promotional opportunity.

On top of that the voucher could be programmed to be against a promotion of that brand's products in store.

Vending Machines Companies

The loop is almost obvious: buy drinks from the vending machines, and upon your next purchase, return your previous container and be rewarded.

The public is becoming increasingly more responsive to the recycling cause, and a vending company using intelligent RVM will only benefit in both image and volume from it.

Rewards for recycling could be a small monetary sum, a voucher against the next purchase, or an amount deposited in their digital wallet.

The integrated screen will always be there to communicate the vending promotions and products on sale.

Venues & Events

Large crowds joining all at the same time. Large consumptions and an aftermath of high cleaning costs.

RVM's in venues and events locations would help on every area.

From a sales point of view, integrating the return of containers with a discount on a next purchase would simply trigger new sales.

It could also print points to be used against the purchase of tickets for future events.

The estate will certainly have less containers scattered around, keeping it safer at all times.

The ultimate goal of recycling will certainly remain the priority, but many other opportunities arise.

Workplaces & Factories

Corporate social responsibility, cleanliness and H&S would be focus areas around the adoption of RVM's.


Travel Hubs

Train, bus and tram stations along with airports, ferry ports and rapid transit stations see hundreds of people pass through them every day. This large volume of commuters leads to hundreds of single use plastic bottles and aluminium cans disposed of at these transport hubs.

An ideal opportunity to reduce waste and retain a tidy environment is by installing reverse vending machines, allowing everyone the opportunity to deposit their empty containers, improving CSR, reducing cleaning costs and keeping areas clear of waste.

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