Why Recyclever?

Deal directly with the designers and manufacturers of Reverse Vending Machines.

No deployment too big or too small.

We understand how retailers operate rollouts.

Internationally, we are building a network of distributors and service centres.

We Design RVMs

Our machines are entirely designed in-house: the mechanics, the electronics and the software. Recyclever has the complete control of its reverse vending machines.

We Manufacture RVMs

Our latest manufacturing technologies allows volume manufacturing to the highest quality standards. The assembly line is modular and easily scalable to sustain a growing demand, including one-off's large rollouts.

The Mission of Recyclever:

"To Accelerate the Transition to a Circular Economy"

How to buy

Recyclever offers a number of different options to make the deployment of Reverse Vending Machines as cost effective as possible.

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Adopting Reverse Vending Machines means more plastic, aluminium and glass will be recycled.

But... manufacturing RVMs... at what CO2 cost?

None, with Recyclever.

We will plant trees to offset the CO2 emissions caused by Raw Materials, Production, Logistics and...

the Electric Energy consumed by the RVM in 7 years of use.


We designed reverse vending machines from scratch. We used our experience in retail fixtures to optimise sizes and functionality for grocery stores.

The machines' sizes allow an easy positioning within an existing retail store.

To access the bin, we use two doors, so that less corridor space is required.

The design is ready for future implementation and bespoke solutions our clients may require: our structure is ready for bolt-on units, and all of our electronics and software are flexible to accomodate more motors, sensors, devices.


During the design process we came up with many innovative elements.

Recyclever currently has a patent pending on the fitting of the large marketing screen.

Across other innovations, we have another patent pending on the way we can handle the drop of glass bottles.

Our 'glass arm' patent pending is designed to save retailers huge sums in managing empty glass bottles.


Recyclever's reverse vending machines are fully modular: our design has been specifically developed to accomodate customisation.

This design philosophy has been adopted for the software, the electronics, the wiring and the mechanical aspect of the machines.

Thanks to this, we can work on your custom requirement seamlessly, using the internal 'design connectors' to modify individual sub-units or bolt-on your extras .


Thanks to our RVMs being fully modular, the manufacturing of parts maximises on sheet metal technology and its scalability.

The assembly line is linear flow with stations on which the modules are added.

Modules are seamlessly added to the unit, so the throughput is very fast. The assembly line is also modular, so it can be scaled up to accommodate even large rollouts.

No machine leaves the premises before it is thoroughly tested.

Output Capacity

The people behind Recyclever have strong experience in volume manufacturing. This is at the core of the Recyclever business model: volume capacity in mind during machines design, manufacturing engineering and assembly line set up.

No demand will be too small or too big. Our modular concept will accomodate every type of demand without generating inefficiencies.

Our manufacturing plant is in Stoke-on-Trent, England. A second manufacturing will be set up in Italy to service the southern part of Europe.

Let's Design Your Solution, Together

We will listen to your ideas and work together to accelerate the transition to a circular economy in a net zero way

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