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Education plays a very important part in raising awareness of the environmental issues impacting the future of our planet. 

From teachers imparting knowledge to students learning about waste management and recycling, Schools and Universities can support environmental concerns and help increase recycling and reusing waste products. 


Benefits to Educational Facilities

Supports the Green Message:
A better environmental education for a better future. Every school, academy and university should lead the way as far as recycling concerns. The overall ‘education’ will always revolve on the future, which is based on sustainability and recycling.
A Cleaner Environment:
Students will use reverse vending machines to dispose of their drink containers, especially if a reward scheme or discount on future purchases are awarded for each deposit.
High Tech Image:
Education and future go hand in hand with technology. Reverse vending machines are not a normal sight in the UK but they will become the norm and every educational body should embrace new technologies.
Encourage Healthy Competition:
Students competitive challenges to establish who recycles more. All collections can be traced with a fob, a fingerprint and all data will be visible via an IP address. Resulting in higher levels of recycling.
Reduced cleaning costs:
Undoubtedly, cleaning costs will reduce thanks to drinks containers not being discarded and not quickly filling up bins.

Benefits for Students

Raising Awareness:
Better and reliable education.
Prepare Future Generations to a World of Sustainability:
Students and Graduates will bring this concept forward as it applies to everything. The concept is much wider than ‘recycling sustainability’ on its own, it is a way of life.
Supporting a Sustainable Future:
People are becoming more aware of the need to do something to minimise plastic waste and increasingly want to get involved. Media coverage is growing and this is being positioned as a global crisis putting pressure on everyone to find solutions like Reverse Vending.