Servicing Reverse Vending Machines

When you invest in a Recyclever Reverse Vending Machines you can be sure it's covered by our comprehensive service and parts programme.

A Partnership you can rely upon

When investing in Recyclever Reverse Vending Machines, a partnership is born.

Recyclever, as the designer and manufacturer, will organise the after sales service and the availability of spares required.

Recyclever Service Benefits

There From The Start

• Recyclever's dedicated team of technicians install, configure and optimise your reverse vending machine so it works at its best from the very start.

• Our team can offer in-depth training for your staff. This will ensure that they are aware of the daily operations required.

• Our technical experts can support your teams in troubleshooting analysis, simple maintenance and correct operation of the machine. 

If your teams know how to identify and tackle issues at the beginning, it can often stop them escalating into bigger problems and disruptions.


A Range of Service Contracts

• We offer a range of flexible agreements and levels that allow you to keep your machine working at its best and your customers happy.

• Whether you are looking for basic maintenance or all-inclusive, full-coverage contracts we can arrange and flex to your needs.

• Our Service Plans can be tailored to your needs, in consideration of your type of operations and geography.

Here to Solve Your Issues

• In many cases issues can be resolved remotely via phone or remote access, before any disruption is caused.

• Recyclever offers remote troubleshooting and diagnostics ensuring that problems are quickly diagnosed and where possible solved.

• If issues are identified that require it, we send in our experienced technicians, that are trained specifically on our reverse vending machines.

• Depending on your service-level agreement and sector we offer a range of contract levels and resolution time guarantees to meet your requirements.

Service Packages

Recyclever provides a suite of tailored support solutions that support you in supporting your customers. 

Silver Package

• 72 hours max downtime

• Weekends excluded

• Available in mainland UK


Gold Package

• 24 hours max downtime

• Weekends excluded

• Available in mainland UK

Platinum Package

• 24 hours max downtime

• Weekends included

• Available in mainland UK


• Based on your Business Model

• Based on your Estate

• Based on your Geography

• Built on your Existing Estate Servicing Model and Contractors