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The Government throughout the UK are considering implementing a Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) to help address the adverse environmental impact of waste containers on our planet.  Retailers are already starting to understand the issue of single use plastic and trying to improve their packaging methods to help address this and now have an ideal opportunity to take the lead in the war on single use plastics.  Investing in recyclever® reverse vending machines can help support the cause and make the world a better place for everyone

Benefits to the Retailer

Increases Customer Footfall:
Reverse vending provides a stand-alone reason for people to visit a Supermarket, DIY Store or other Retail Outlet.

Increasingly people will be looking for specific plastic and aluminium recycling services, as the adverse damage to our environment becomes more evident.
Encourages Customer Loyalty:
The discount vouchers paid out in return for recycling your plastic drinks bottles and aluminium cans will encourage customers to return to the same retailer to redeem their vouchers.
Supports Retailer Commitment to a Circular Economy:
Helps build and reinforce a retailers’ green credentials in the eyes of customers and investors. Shows a continuation in the trend to reduce the use of plastic carrier bags and single use plastics.
Environmental Sustainability:
Retailers then have the opportunity to sell the plastic bottles and aluminium cans to specialist recycling companies creating another revenue stream and the knowledge that all the waste is being recycled professionally and not being sent to landfill.
Promotion and Advertising Opportunities:
The large format integral screen provides a very visible advertising opportunity for the retailer to promote its own special offers and deals. Retailers could also sell the advertising space to their suppliers or high-profile brands, generating a further source of income.
Improved Efficiency:
Less waste at their site. Reduced cleaning costs as there are fewer bins to maintain and as recyclever® can compact the containers, they take up much less space.

Benefits to the Consumer

Gain Rewards for Recycling
Quick, Easy and Convenient:
The machines will take around 40 bottles per minute, are located at easily accessible retail locations, where they are likely to be visiting anyway, so no special journeys required.
Supporting a Sustainable Future:
People are becoming more aware of the need to do something to minimise plastic waste and increasingly want to get involved. Media coverage is growing and this is being positioned as a global crisis putting pressure on everyone to find solutions like Reverse Vending.