Recyclever for Utilities Companies

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RVM Solutions
For Utilities Companies

When emergencies arise, such as water bursts and utility companies have to step in to provide essential clean water, generally this is offered via large plastic bottles of water.

Offering a method of disposing of the empty containers can reduce the environmental impact whilst raising the profile of a sustainable company image.



Benefits to Utilities Companies

Satisfy imminent needs in an emergency situation whilst keeping the environment clean.
Exceeding Customer Expectations:
Consumers will recognise the innovative approach of the company, providing a better overall satisfaction of the disaster recovery approach.
Maintaining Good Stakeholder Relations:
Reducing the risk of attack from other dissatisfied stakeholders. E.g. Local Authorities or Retailers who could be bombarded with thousands of empty containers.
Delivery of a 360⁰ solution:
Today utility water companies pipe water to residential properties but if they have a problem with supply and have to provide live saving water in bottles, reverse vending machines assist the recovery of the waste products with providing a 360⁰ solution.