Recyclever for Vending Companies

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RVM Solutions
For Vending Companies

Businesses that operate within the vending machine industry, providing vending machines and related services are already in the great position to provide Reverse Vending Solutions to their customers.

Adding Reverse Vending supports your customers in implementing DRS, reduces their waste collection costs and helps their end consumer to responsibly recycle their containers. 

Benefits to Vending Companies

Simply Add a Complementary Product:
With storage, service and infrastructure in place to deal with your vending machine stock, adding Reverse Vending to your portfolio is simple.
Complete Solutions For Your Customers:
Adding Reverse Vending to your portfolio provides the complete solutions to your customers. With vending machines to dispense drinks and a Reverse Vending Machines to collect them.
New Revenue Streams:
With Deposit Return Schemes (DRS) all retailers of drinks will need to have a deposit return solution in place. RVMs are an easy solution to cross sell into your existing clients as well as open up new opportunities.
White Label Options:
At Recyclever we're aware that you may want to brand your Reverse Vending Machines. Talk to us about White Label options with your own custom designs.

Benefits to the end customer

Help them with DRS:
Recyclever reverse vending machines are a simple solution to help your end customers to meet the stringent DRS regulations.
Reduce Cleaning:
Implementing a Reverse Vending Machine encourages the end consumer to recycle, reducing the rubbish left around their premises.
Reduce Waste Costs:
With Reverse Vending Machines in place your customers will reduce their waste collection costs, with their bins filling up less frequently.
Help Them Sell More:
With Recyclever's huge advertising screens and multimedia options your customers can use their Reverse Vending Machine to push their latest news, deals and offers.