With a Deposit Return Scheme

Governments around the world are imposing DRS legislations: pay a deposit on the container when purchasing a drink and redeem it upon the return of the container.

Retailers play the major role in collecting empty containers.

Why RVMs?

To collect containers efficiently.

Without a Deposit Return Scheme

Where a DRS legislation is not in place, the circular economy can still be enhanced. By deploying reverse vending machines, collection and recycling rates will increase while building engagement.

Various entities benefit from RVM's, in different ways.

Why RVMs?

To create an internal Closed Loop, engagement and higher recycling rates.


DRS is a huge country-wide closed loop of the plastic, aluminium and glass used to make drinks containers.

A factory, a stadium or a university can create its own closed loop, selling drinks and collecting only their empties.

This delivers savings in cleaning costs, increases engagement and recycling rates.

What to collect?

We can program the Recyclever Reverse Vending Machine(s) to accept only items that you sell.


Use the interactive touch screen and the high definition media screen to deliver valuable messages.


Use the rewards system to build long lasting engagement and return visits.

Collect & Recycle

Let everyone return their empty containers, reward them and benefit from a cleaner estate. A step towards the circular economy



When operating within a DRS country, retailers have to collect containers as part of the scheme. The most efficient and cost effective only way to do this is via the deployment RVMs


Blend education with the environment. By interacting with RVMs, pupils will improve their knowledge the circular economy and reduce the waste on your estate.


RVMs are the ideal tool to help local authorities in implementing green initiatives, encouraging responsible recycling and educating individuals within its area. 

Transport Hubs

Transport hubs can see thousands of people pass through them each day. These commuters produce huge amounts of empty containers. RVMs reduce rubbish and help individuals to responsibly dispose of them.


Large gatherings within stadiums leave behind a huge amount of waste. Stadia can reduce cleaning costs and improve visitor engagement through the deployment of RVMs. Simply create a closed loop (accept only products purchased on site) or accept any container.


Within offices RVMs can be use to reduce workplace clutter and reduce the cost of cleaning. They can be programmed to collect any containers or to accept only those sold in the office vending machines/canteen.


Factories and warehouses benefit from RVMs by avoiding litter, increasing health and safety and improving environmental credentials. If required RVMs allow corporates to quickly create a closed loop between their vending products and these automated return points.

Leisure Centres

High footfall across long hours. Keep the estate clean and increase recycling and engagement by allowing the public returning their empties in a clever way. Like other environments you can create a closed loop or just accept any container.