Large events, venues and attractions all involve large numbers of people attending, all of which are hungry and thirsty customers.

Some organisers are now trying to turn to alternative methods of packaging visitors drinks, but wouldn’t it be easier to just use reverse vending machines to recycle the waste into something new and useful?

The Benefits of Reverse Vending to
Venues, Events and Attractions.

Green Credentials:

Gain and maintain a green image and comply to Corporate Social Responsibility policies of the organisation and its sponsors.

Lower Clean-up Costs:

Less litter and reduced clearing up costs.

Deliver a better Consumer Experience:

A nice, tidy, clean environment for everyone.

Provide a Positive Message:

Sporting competition, health and well being with outdoor and leisure activities whilst maintaining an environmentally friendly image.


Impress sponsors with an innovative approach and green planet credentials.

Improve Health & Safety:

Less chance of health and safety issues arising from waste products littering the environment.

Building and Maintaining Loyalty:

Offer a return reward and sell more from your own shops.

Revenue Generation:

Charge a deposit on drinks containers and improve revenue from those who don’t return their empty containers.

Recommended Models


Our smallest footprint in our Reverse Vending Machine range. Small but mighty the AM1 accepts PET and Aluminum cans, and combines them into a single bin. The AM1 is also available with glass collection to provide an all round solution.  


The Recyclever AM2 adds to the functionality of the AM1 in several ways. Available with glass, and a choice of single bin to collect mixed recycling, or dual bin to conveniently separate. Amazing flexibility with a 27" marketing screen for your campaigns.


Our largest Reverse Vending Machine for larger premises, or for those who want to empty less often. The AM3 is available with Glass, Single or Dual Bin options. The AM3 model also features an impressive 49" Multimedia screen to push your high margin items and special offers.  

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