Train, bus and tram stations along with airports, ferry ports and rapid transit stations see hundreds of people pass through them every day. This large volume of commuters leads to hundreds of single use plastic bottles and aluminium cans disposed of at these transport hubs.

An ideal opportunity to reduce waste and retain a tidy environment is by installing reverse vending machines, allowing everyone the opportunity to deposit their empty containers responsibly even when they’re on the move.

The Benefits of Reverse Vending to
Transport Hubs.

Corporate Social Responsibility:

Transport companies are constantly reviewing their environmental impact. Reverse vending machines fulfil the requirement of their corporate social responsibility, delivering a positive message to their customer.

Lower maintenance costs:

Compacting waste products and less litter to collect and dispose of.

Retaining high levels of cleanliness:

Large volume of commuters creating lots of drinks containers.

Improve Health & Safety::

Less litter to cause potential health and safety issues.

Recommended Models

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