We Manufacture Reverse Vending Machines

An RVM is a technological collection point for empty beverage containers.

Consumers use RVM's to return empty drinks containers and obtain a reward.

RVM's are installed in supermarkets and premises like council collection points, workplaces and many others.

This increases the collection rates of Aluminium Cans, PET and Glass Bottles to enhance the circular economy.

Why Reverse Vending Machines?

To collect empty drinks containers and stimulate the Circular Economy
To avoid containers ending up in the oceans, on the curbside, in landfill
To increase the recycling rate of PET Bottles, Aluminium Cans and Glass Bottles
To include collection of the "on-the-go" consumption within the recycling loop
To build a sustainable beverage industry by avoiding using virgin resources from our planet each time a drink is sold
To allow retailers to collect empty containers in an efficient way


PET Bottles

In most countries less than 50% of PET bottles are recycled. This means that every time we purchase a plastic bottled drink, half of that plastic is produced by consuming our planet's virgin resources.


Aluminium Cans

There is no limit to the number of times aluminium can be recycled. If we increased its recycling rate we could entirely avoid producing new aluminium to make cans.


Glass Bottles

This precious material can be reutilised in two ways: either by melting the bottle to make new glass or by keeping the bottle intact for refilling. The latter is typically possible up to ten times.

How does it work?

The consumer brings empty containers to the machine
The RVM selectively accepts the empty containers when the consumer inserts them, based on market specific parameters
Recyclever's Anti-Fraud technology verifies the matching of the barcode to the weight and shape of the container
The machine neutralises PET Bottles and Aluminium Cans by compacting them, so they can't be returned again
The retailer receives reports and diagnostics e.g. when the machine is full
The consumer obtains a printed or digital

The Recyclever Solution

Our RVMs are expertly designed and robustly built to last.

Reverse Vending Marketing

  Enhanced Marketing   

Our large on-board screen is an incredible platform to boost your marketing operations. Seize this potential and engage further with your customers.

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RVM for Retail

  Retail Friendly Sizes   

Implement a tailored Recyclever solution for your customers. Our industry leading technology and engineering make the user experience simple, engaging and educational.

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RVM Anti Fraud

  Anti-Fraud Enabled   

Take the pain away from recycling with a Recyclever Reverse Vending Machine. A feature rich system that is accurate, secure and efficient. Let Recyclever help you painlessly implement DRS solutions
that work.
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Compliant with DRS Legislation

The European Union has set a target of 90% recycling of beverage containers by 2029. The beverage industry consensus is that to achieve it, governments will introduce deposit return scheme legislation.

Strong Anti-Fraud technology
Full reporting for the DRS Scheme Administrator
Seamless deposit redemption solutions, with either a printed or digital voucher
Built to last with industrial grade components
Recyclever Reverse Vending Machine

  The RVM 

Designed and built in house, Recyclever's machines are highly configurable for their functionality, sizes and options.

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RVM Communications Network

  Digital Capabilities   

Our RVM's backbone is a robust software platform, a combination of the onboard software and our cloud based portal.

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RVM's are being used by several different businesses

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