360° Scanner

Every Recyclever RVM comes with a propertary ultrafast 360° barcode scanner.

AI-powered Silhouette Check

Our proprietary computer vision comes standard on every machine.                                                                   

Weight & Material Check

The container weight is checked, together with the actual validation of PET / Aluminium materials.

Material Separation and Compaction

Our RVM's separate PET from Aluminium  and compact containers.                                         

Patented Conveyor

The unique conveyor is easily removable to be cleaned and washed.

Patented Separator

A unique device separating the materials and guaranteeing the maximum safety of use.

Patented Compactor

Industry leading compactor featuring unique compacting rates and maintenance capabilities.


The complete line-up 

Medium sized Reverse Vending Machine


The Recyclever AM2 is the best of both worlds. Compact in size, larger capacity than AM1, and has a 32'' Media Screen to generate advertising revenue or simply provide Users with live updates.

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Compact Reverse Vending Machines


The Recyclever AM1 is the smallest machine in our range. Perfect for environments where space is at a premium. The AM1 may be small but has all the same technology and functionality as our larger models.

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High Capacity Reverse Vending Machine


The Recyclever AM3 is the largest model in the Recyclever Range. Perfect for environments with a higher footfall, the larger bin capacity provides higher efficiency and versatility. Not only this, but a high resolution 49'' Media Screen provides the ideal platform to generate advertising revenue.

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Choose the materials your Reverse Vending Machine will collect and how they are organised.
PET and Aluminium Combined

PET + ALU Combined

PET and Aluminium Separated

PET + ALU Separated

RVM Glass Sorting


The Digital Side

From your own collection system powered by our AI-Mode to a fully DRS-compliant configuration.

Barcode Database

Accept any container or upload the data of those to be accepted.

Shape Programming

Teach our AI shape recognition to accept your containers.

RVM with voucher Printer

Voucher Production

Provide your customers with printed or digital vouchers.

Media Power

Use the Hi-definition multimedia screen to interact with your consumers and generate revenue.

Touch Screen

Adopt our default interface or configure your own.

Media Screen

Prepare content or engage with your suppliers.

Content Management

Use our CMS or integrate with third party media platforms.

Reverse Vending Machine with Glass

Glass Unit Module Upgrade -  Coming Soon.

In combination with the sorting mechanism you can add a glass unit to any of our Reverse Vending Machine Models.

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At the forefront of Technology...

Shape Recognition

Recyclever's unique Shape Recognition Technology enhances Safety & Fraud Prevention across our entire Machine Range. See More on our shape recognition. 

Media Screens

Our AM2 & AM3 Reverse Vending Machines come complete with state if the art Media Screens. The AM2 has a 32'' Media Screen, and the AM3 has a 49'' Media Screen. Find out more about our screens.

Glass module

Need to accept glass? Our glass module can either be specified at the point of purchase or be purchased separately and retrospectively fitted at your convenience. Find Out About Glass Options.

Traffic Light

Our Reverse Vending Machine range integrates an informative traffic light system to interact with the user. Discover Our Traffic Light System.

Recyclever Reverse Vending Machines

Why Buy Recyclever Reverse Vending Machines...

In-house Design and Manufacturing

Our RVMs are manufactured in the UK by a team of in-house  engineers. Support is provided by our internal teams, combined with a network of distribution and service partners. Discover Our In House Manufacturinge.


Recyclever Reverse Vending Machines can be configured to adhere to your Deposit Return Scheme specification or operate independently thanks to our unique AI-Mode. Discover Your Configuration Options.


Working with Recyclever is a collaboration. We will work with you to provide the best reverse vending solution possible for you, your clients and your suppliers. Read More About Your Configuration Options.

Size Matters

At Recyclever we know that there isn’t a 'one size fits all' solution when it comes to Reverse Vending Machines. Recyclever provides a range of models in different sizes, capacities and configurations. Read More About your Size Options.