Recyclever Technology
Read more about how Recyclever Reverse Vending Machines use technology to improve performance and flexibility.

Recyclever at the cutting edge of technology for the recovery and identification of recyclable containers/materials.


Recyclever Reverse Vending Machines are developed using with the the latest hardware and software technologies to provide the most reliable and feature rich RVMs in the market.

Pushing the technology envelope:

Object Recognition - Our object recognition (Eagle Eye) technology is unique to the Recyclever range of Reverse Vending Machines and allows the machine to accept or reject containers based on their shape. This combines with our accurate weight checking technology to ensure that non desired containers, foreign objects and non empty containers are not accepted by the machine.

Machine Learning and Ai - Recyclever's Eagle Eye technology can also work together with our custom Ai technology to recognise shapes and labels of containers that you want to accept. To 'teach' our machine, simply follow the steps on the user interface, pass these containers through the machine in the usual way to establish them in the machines memory.

Remote Access and Management - Recyclever Reverse Vending Machines are web connected and managed using our state of the art remote management software. This software allows you to view machine statistics from anywhere, and check the status of your RVMs without having to access then directly. This is even more of a bonus for those companies with multiple machines, as they can centrally manage and understand the status of their machine estate without visiting multiple sites.

Multimedia - Our machines are complete with UHD adverting screens and the latest decoding hardware/software, allowing you to run the latest video formats. Built in speakers ensure that your adverts come to life and are displayed at their best.

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