Scottish DRS is coming...Biffa to build £7.7m DRS counting centre in Aberdeen

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Biffa unveils plans for counting centre in Aberdeen

Biffa has unveiled its plans for a £7.7 million counting centre in Aberdeen, forming part of a network of facilities which will sort and bale materials collected via the deposit return scheme (DRS).

Work on the Porthleven site, a former engineering depot, started in early 2023, with equipment due to be installed from April 2023. Work is expected to be completed by May ahead of the launch of DRS in August. It will become a “key DRS regional hub” once it is built, Biffa says.

The 40,000 tonnes per year capacity facility will count and bale DRS collected packaging which will then be sold for recycling.

About DRS:

Scotland is set to launch its DRS on 16th August (read our article on the incumbent Scottish DRS here). This will enforce a refundable 20p deposit on all single-use PET plastic, aluminium, steel or glass drinks containers ranging in size from 50ml to three-litres.

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If you are looking to understand your potential obligations with the incumbent DRS, and understand how Recyclever can help you then get in touch.

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DRS to be introduced in England, Wales and Northern Ireland from October 2025.