Our Reverse Vending Machines

Robustly built to last with industrial components, and with unique customer engagement features.

An RVM is a collection point for empty drinks containers

The machines can be programmed to accept or refuse different classes of containers.

The consumer interacts with the machine and returns the containers.

The machine will compact the empty containers into a liner bag within a bin, that will need replacing by the RVM operator.

The consumer will receive a voucher, either a refund on a deposit paid or a reward.

PET Bottles and Aluminium Cans - Mixed, Glass Separate

Our Mixed models are designed to accept PET bottles, Aluminium cans, up to 3 litre capacity. No HDPE milk or bleach containers. The machines can be programmed to accept any barcode or specific barcodes as required. Glass is managed within the same machine but deposited into a separate receptacle.

The advantages of a Recyclever Reverse Vending Machine


Retail Friendly Dimensions

Recyclever's RVMs are designed with the convenience store in mind: compact sizes and easy accessibility

Customer Engagement

Recyclever's machines feature a large multimedia screen for marketing messages and a clear touch screen for customer interactions.

Installing reverse vending machines to facilitate the implementation of a DRS scheme represent an investment of space by a retailer: only Recyclever allows to maximise on the investment by streaming ads and building engagement.


Huge Marketing Screen

Our in-built Marketing screen is ideal for displaying your latest offers or sponsored content from your suppliers.


Interactive Touch Screen

The easy to navigate high definition touch screen keeps users informed at every stage, guiding them through the steps of their recycling journey.

Anti- Fraud

Under a DRS legislation an empty container is worth money. With the billions of containers in circulation, even fraud on a slight percentage of containers can represent a serious problem.

Recyclever RVM's do all it's needed to avoid the same container being redeemed twice.


Barcode Reader

The Barcode Reader works in conjunction with Recyclever's advanced software to ensure that items being inserted should be accepted by the machine.


Weight Check

The built-in scales ensure that any containers inserted are empty. This prevents people from picking up a drink, not paying for it, and trying to redeem its deposit.


Shape Recognition

The intelligent shape recognition technology ensures that the container being inserted matches the shape expected from the barcode.



The built-in compactor compresses the collected PET Bottles and Aluminium Cans so they are neutralised and can't possibly be redeemed again. This also reduces the number of times the bin needs emptying and maximises the use of liners.


Flexible Technology

Recyclever's machines are designed and built to be future-proof: both the hardware and software are ready for future applications, such as holographic barcodes or DDRS.

The Easiest Consumer Journey

When the client has inserted the empty containers, the session is ended by the press of a hardware button, which triggers the printing of a voucher.

Alternatively the RVM can be programmed to end the session by using the touchscreen, deciding to donate the amount to a charity of choice, or redeem the deposit as a credit to a digital wallet.


End of Session Hardware Button

After inserting the containers, the user can end the session by pressing this user friendly, physical, stainless steel button.


Voucher Printer

The voucher printer interacts with the software, quickly printing a voucher. This can be configured via our client portal to display not only the voucher value, but also any loyalty points earned, special offers in the store and much more.

Easy Operations

Operating Recyclever reverse vending machines is easy. And you can always move them to another location within the store with ease.


Wheels with Levellers

Our RVMs come with wheels so they can be easily relocated, and levellers for stability once the final location is reached.


Wheelie Bin

The bin collecting the compacted containers is mounted on wheels and is extremely safe and easy to pull out and put back into position. It features an 'opening gate' to avoid store operators lifting the liners when full.

Customise your RVM

Hardware Options


Bigger and Smaller Footprint

The machines are available in various sizes. Go smaller if your estate requires it, go larger if you want to reduce the number of times the machine needs emptying.


Customisable Graphics

Recyclever machines are easily painted in the client's colour of choice.

Recyclever machines can easily be powder coated in the client's colour of choice.

Graphics can be added very easily to different part of the machine.

A full vinyl wrap is available on demand, to best promote the clients' corporate identity on the machine.



To enhance the customer experience and increase engagement, speakers can be added to the machine.

Customer Journey Options


User Recognition

A forward facing sensor can be integrated on the machine to read a clients' phone showing a QR code or producing an NFC signal. This will be required when implementing digital wallet redemptions or designing journeys requiring consumers' data


Proximity Sensor

This sensor can increase the brightness of the screen, start multimedia content or activate the touch screen when a client approaches.


Card Reader

Either loyalty cards or debit and credit cards could be read. Different software upgrades would have to be implemented.

Recyclever's RVMs are based on a Strong Digital Backbone

Learn About RVMs Digital Solutions